What is J.P. Freeman's SECURITY ADVISOR?

J.P. Freeman's new SECURITY ADVISOR™ is designed to bring you the security industry's latest growth developments. These are not just PR releases from suppliers about their newest releases - - but actual buying and usage trends to help guide your product and service planning on its path to growth.

What does it offer?

The security industry will keep moving as it does now from older to newer technologies - - from older to newer methods of selling and distributing - - and from personal to remote forms of good installation and maintenance service. Just how these new trends take shape is the mission of our SECURITY ADVISOR™. While it is general practice for suppliers to implement market evaluations to track user buying preference, J.P. Freeman's SECURITY ADVISOR™ is designed to avoid those waiting periods, and to bring information to subscribers each month to help them quickly capture new planning and selling opportunities - - and to stay abreast of competition.

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