J.P. Freeman Growth Services focus on:


In addition to constantly researching markets, trade groups, buying trends, and growth potentials, J.P. Freeman's client service has helped numerous security manufacturers realize growth goals, such as:

  • Helping a large security company introduce one of the industry's major innovations.
  • Assisting an IT company to successfully enter physical security after earlier failures.
  • Working with a major utility company to acquire a security supplier in an expansion opportunity.
  • Assisting a large bank to finance the creditworthiness of RMR accounts in a major financial deal.
  • Helping an IT company introduce the first "security cloud".
  • Positioning Appraisals
  • New Product & Service Potentials
  • Distribution Analyses
  • Business Expansion Strategies
  • Merger Analyses
  • Innovative Marketing Techniques

Security Companies benefit from our Services by:

  • Growing Share
  • Building Market Expansion Programs
  • Focusing Product & Service Innovations on Evolving User Needs

J.P. Freeman's constant research often reveals developing changes in target markets - - and saves clients the expense of that tracking process.

J.P. Freeman is also a familiar consulting resource for government at high levels. And as chairman of the Home Automation Assn., Joe Freeman was the prime mover in creating that industry's first trade show.

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