What Drives the Security Industry?

The 5 drivers are the economy, risk of financial loss, new technology apps, government regulations, and the aftermath of terrorism.  Tragedies such as Newtown, Boston, and San Bernardino are domestic threats.  And the FBI continues to investigate these threats across the U.S.  But the Trump election is changing the way U.S. law enforcement will operate.  J.P. Freeman is tracking those changes to determine their effect on security products and services.

Our Consulting Services

J.P. Freeman provides growth planning and business opportunity services to the security and automation industries. Our clients include manufacturers, telecom, IT, utility, and investment firms; state and federal government, and also other consulting firms.

Why the Biggest Consulting Firms Use Our Services

There are always strong growth opportunities in the security and automation industries as new markets and new strategies evolve to serve customers. J.P. Freeman has pinpointed and developed a variety of these potentials, and has directly contributed to some of the industry's great success stories.

Our Capabilities

Our business-building know-how traces to Joe Freeman's earlier achievements in building divisions of General Electric, Remington, and Wells Fargo as VP Marketing and COO. And our consulting successes with smaller firms stems from our strength in market analysis and product/service planning.

How Do We Help Clients Use These Drivers?

J.P. Freeman uncovers client opportunities by privately monitoring their markets for Strength/Weakness comparisons vs. competitors.  This is a monthly service that constantly updates market positioning, innovation, and field strategies that work. The SECURITY ADVISOR™ actually tracks buying and usage trends to help clients maximize the profitability of their product and sales plans.  (SEE NEXT PAGE).

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